Decode DCDecode DC is a small production run by NPR alum, Andrea Seabrook.  The show aims to unravel the performance of politics to better explain the way it affects our lives, present its shortcomings and offer potential for change.

Counting the Cost:  Produced by Al Jazeera, Counting the Cost is an internationally focused economics show.  Unlike Planet Money, which attempts to simplify theory, this show engages broad topics in all their complexity.  It can be difficult at times, but the diversity of subject matter is far greater than one is likely to see from American media.

Moyers & Company:  This is Bill Moyers’s new show; audio and video versions are available.  The shows tend to focus on political issues and actors that are not fully discussed in mass media.  The shows are just shy of an hour and regularly feature academics and policy analysts engaged in the topic at hand.  Generally, the program’s focus is to highlight corruption and/or inefficiency while proposing change aimed at equality of opportunity.

Frontline:  PBS’s long running documentary program – available as an audio podcast.  Frontline deals with current events that typically have some political import.  Recent programs on fallout from the Citizen’s United ruling and a four part series on the global financial crisis in particular are standouts.